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Saturday. November 24, 2012


                                                                                              December 13  2014

10 am – 5 pm
La Villita Historic Arts Village

"The Art of  Coffee"

Last Year's Tasting Flight Lineup:

Independence Coffee, Java Jack's, Fara Coffee
Redbud Roasters,  Tree Frog Coffee,
Aspen's Brew, Summermoon Woodfired,
Kiva Coffee Roasters, Café Aroma's featuring Fisticuffs Coffee

$5 for a 4-tasting flight
Maverick Plaza

2013 Musical Guests:
James Martin, Latin Guitarist
Native Texans, Blue Grass Music

5 pm-7pm

"Coffee After Hours"
$12 for a 4-tasting flight of coffee cocktails 

2013 After Hours Flight Lineup:

 The Fig Tree Restaurant, Boudro's, Guadalajara Grill, Liberty Bar, The Esquire, Halcyon, Little Rhein Steakhouse

Plaza Juarez
Musical Guests:
George Hookings, American Songbook Music
Dub GideonAdam Zuniga, Latin Music

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Food Venues
Bite Street Bistro        Where Y'at          Chocolazzo            Dina's         

& Peruvian Fare by Club Social y Cultural Peruano

Omelet Brunch by

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Reservations in advance call (210) 224-1976

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